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Having an issue playing, or simply a question? Check the list of support topics here, and if the issue remains, drop us an email.

Email Support (support@midnightoilgames.com)


Can I stream Exostorm?


You are welcome to make Lets Plays and/or stream Exostorm!
You may want to make use of the -borderless command line option, if you do.


What controllers are supported?


On Windows, Exostorm supports the XBox class of controllers (e.g. the XBox 360 controller).

On OSX/Linux, Exostorm utilizes SDL for controller support, so basically anything should work. Bindings are pulled from the SDL game controller database. This system also allows you store your bindings in Steam, and SDL will automatically use them.


How do I play Exostorm?


Exostorm can be controlled by either a game controller, a keyboard, or a mouse.

The recommended way is with a controller. Depending on the bindings of your controller, A should shoot, and B should engage the secondary (time slow, etc).

In my opinion, the next best way is with the keyboard. Arrow keys move, Z/Space shoots, and X/Left Shift engages the secondary/time slow.

Lastly, the mouse can be used. In this mode, the ship will "chase" the crosshair that will appear once the mouse moves during a level. Left Mouse Button fires, and Right Mouse Button engages secondary.


What graphics cards do Exostorm support?


Exostorm's graphics system was written a very long time ago, and the game itself does not use anything really fancy.

On Windows, even an integrated laptop chip should be able to play it - though it might be a bit laggy. Graphics lag in Exostorm is almost always caused by fill-rate limitations on laptop memory controllers, so lowering the in-game resolution to 800x600 should help quite a bit. This can be done in the options menu in game, or via the command line options.

On Linux, it's more complex. The driver situation can be pretty bad, depending on your distribution and graphics card manufacturer. The most important thing to know is Exostorm requires OpenGL 3.2 Core support or better. In my (limited) experience, you'll need proprietary drivers to meet this requirement. The Mesa drivers seem to be limited to OpenGL 2.0. Odds are good, if you are trying to play games on Linux, that you know more about this than I do.

On OSX, it should be similar to Windows. Just be on a recent OSX version and have a decent graphics card. I suspect the tiny form factor macbooks might not be able to push enough pixels to hit 60 fps, but they should at least be playable at 800x600.


What command line options do Exostorm support?


These options allow you to control the behavior of Exostorm without going in to the Options menu. These can be set within steam as described here

  • -borderless Useful for streaming, this prevents Exostorm from having a standard window border.
  • -width ### Sets the width of the window Exostorm will use for rendering. Replace ### with the pixel count to use. e.g. 1920. Generally used with -height.
  • -height ### Sets the height of the window Exostorm will use for rendering. Replace ### with the pixel count to use. e.g. 1080. Generally used with -width.
  • -window If used, Exostorm will run in windowed mode instead of fullscreen.
  • -fullscreen If used, Exostorm will run in full screen mode instead of windowed.
  • -nosound If used, Exostorm will run with no audio output.
  • -nosteam Prevents Exostorm from requiring Steam to run.
  • -log Prompts Exostorm to print logging information to the console.


Is there a press kit?


A basic press kit can be found here. Please email the support link if there is something missing!

Press Kit
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